Timestop Adventure on your Girlfriend and her Sister!

Biomon • May 05, 2018 • 1 Comment

You got a watch that can stop time! This day, the sister of your girlfriend visits you and you decide to use your watch for an amazing threesome!

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You bought yourself a watch that can stop time but you can not really believe it. This day, the sister of your Girlfriend visits you at home and you decide to put on that timestop-clock and give it a try.
You, your girlfriend and her sister are now sitting together and chatting with each other.
Now it's your turn!
You decide to push the magic button on your new clock.
Everything freezes!
You are confused and also aroused at the same time.
Did it really work?
You slowly start to put your hands on the legs of your girlfriends sister. No reaction.
Would she really allow this? Would your Girlfriend allow this?
It really works! Time has stopped!
You start grabbing her boobs and touching her pussy, slowly undressing her. Although she cant move you still can move her body. You undress both girls and start fucking them, switching positions from time to time and having a good time! The girls can't move, speak or do anything else while timestopped. They are fully commited to you! This scene is supposed to end with a creampie of the gf's sister.
Afterwards there is a cut and in the next scene you see the girls fully dressed back where they were at the beginning.
You push the magic button again and they keep on talking to each other just where they stopped their conversation before. No one can remember this adventure but you...

Actresses: 2 Young women, 18-26 years old. No tatoos preferred. No silicone Breasts preferred.

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Sounds really good! Maybe in the end there is some kind of fuck up, for example when they unfreeze one of the girls is like: "Oh damn, I didn't notice that I put my t-shirt the other way around! Why wouldn't you guys tell me the whole day?!", and actually it was you who put it the wrong way around. :)))
pk@messapps.com (05.05.2018)