Spa day

Getmein • Dec 02, 2019

You've had a rough week and decide to spoil yourself with a spa day. Your week starts to look up, as while you are enjoying the sauna 3 curvy babes join you. From there things get steamy.

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Actresses: sabien demonia, karma synn, Arabelle RaphaelOpening scene: you are relaxing in the sauna and in walks the 3 actresses covered only in a Towel. They chat for a bit, and realize its getting really hot and they are starting to sweat. From here they remove their towels, and notice you in the room staring at their beautiful bodies. To tease you they start playing with each other making you rock hard which can be seen through the towelNext scene: position sitting- they come over and start giving you a handjob/blowjob each taking their turn before they proceed to do a boob jobNext scene: lying down position- you have left the sauna because it was getting cramped you are now in the hot spring area. One of them manages to find a bottle of oil lying around. They lube you up with another nice handjob and move right into cowgirl position their oiled tits shining as they ride you. Whole the other 2 lounge around in the background. They each take turns and move into reverse cowgirl. Arabelle would have her ass oiled up by the other two girls as she rides.Final scene: standing position- you lie them on their backs and proceed to give it to them. One can sit on the other's face and the other can suck on her tits. To end it all with a cumshot on all of their curvy asses.

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