Kinky office girl offers anal after the first date

binoculusgo • Jun 18, 2019

The guy is sexting his new date who is at the office. Later on she turns up at his house still wearing her office clothes and after one thing leading to another, she offers him anal.

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The guy is sexting his new date and you can read the messages back and forth on his phone in front of you in VR

[Him] Hey, it was great meeting you last night

[Her] Oh hey, it was, thanks for the meal, we should do it again sometime

[Him] I loved what you were wearing...

[Her] Hmm... You like my pantyhose and heels?

[Him] 🥵 and 👣

[Her] Mmm baby, I love having my feet touched 👣
Your distracting me at the office... 😛

[Him] What are you wearing?

[Her] That would be telling… 😏

[Him] I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night

[Her] How sweet, um... Heels, pantyhose, black skirt, tight white shirt, smart blazer

[Him] That’s hot 🥵 send me a pic

[Her] Seriously? 😏

[Him] I cant stop thinking about you now 🥵

[Her] *She goes into the ladies and sends him a really revealing photo*

[Him] What I’d do to you right now...

[Her] Your making me wet... 🥵

[Him] Your making me hard... 🥵

[Her] Maybe if I came round after work... 😏

The doorbell rings...
The guy answers to his new date wearing her office clothes. They start kissing and she sucks his fingers and whispers sexy things to him about what she’s going to do.

They walk over to his sofa and she kneels in between his legs and takes off his jeans. She starts sucking and playing with his cock and balls and talking to him in a really sexy way telling him to get his phone out and take sexy photos of her while she gets his cock hard.

She stands up and starts stripping down to her pantyhose and bra, leaving her heels on, making him notice she’s not wearing anything under her pantyhose...

[Dialogue - Her] “You want to smell how wet you made me earlier at work?”

She lets him rip a hole in her pantyhose and she puts her pussy in his face before taking her bra and heels off and sitting on the floor close to him. She spreads her legs and shows him how she likes to touch herself...

[Dialogue - Her] “Take more photos of me baby and touch that cock, keep it hard for me”

He slowly plays with his cock while he watches her finger herself, her legs stretch closer putting her nylon feet right in front of him and she wraps her nylon feet around his cock and she gives him a sexy teasing footjob while you can see the rest of her body and watch her playing with her boobs.

[Dialogue - Her] “You like my nylon feet around that big cock?…”

She stands up and positions herself on top of him, riding his cock, cowgirl, close and then leaning back giving him some really good views of her fucking his cock.

She positions herself in the piledriver position on the floor against the sofa and spreads her legs wide, ripping a bigger hole in her pantyhose.

[Dialogue - Her] “Baby, fuck my ass…”

The guy stands up and slowly pushes his cock into her ass, back and forth, in and out, eventually making her queef and gape.

She comes really hard and / or squirts while fingering her now very wet pussy and circling and playing with her clit.

He pulls out, almost about to cum…

He sits back down on the sofa while she gets herself back on her knees in front of him and sucks his cock and he takes more photos! until he comes all over her face.

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