"Tour Bus Buss Down"

mrp717 • Jun 25, 2018

Teens are at a concert and one of the girl meets one of the crew members. She leaves her friends and goes on the bus with him and is promised that if she fucks and sucks him and his 2 other friends that she can meet the rapper. After getting last cum shot, her friends walk onto the bus with the rapper.

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3 teens are going to a rap concert. After the one goes to the bathroom she meets one of the entourage (flashy dressed, wearing a chain, hat) and is invited onto the bus. She leaves her friends behind and goes onto the bus where she is proposed that if she fucks and sucks him and the 2 other members of the rappers entourage that she will be able to meet the rapper. She takes off her shirt to reveal a nice bra and his 2 friends start to rub on her body. She starts to rub on their cocks as the first man reveals his large cock. she drops to her knees and starts to suck him off and jerk the other 2 guys off. after alternating between the three men she takes off her clothes and starts to get fucked from behind as shes stuffed in her mouth hand and pussy. After the 3 men alternate fucking her pussy and mouth and call her a slut and other names, they finally take turns busting on her face and hair, leaving her disrespectfully messy. After they throw a towel with the rappers logo on her head the bus door opens, and her 2 friends walk in with the rapper and the 3 stare at her, as she is on the floor of the bus naked with a towel on her shoulder and cum all in her hair. Fin.

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