Smokin' "D"

mrp717 • Jun 25, 2018

Cute teen girl goes to buy weed, but when she goes to pay for it she realizes she has no money. Her weed dealer makes a deal that if she sucks his dick, she can have the weed. Her boyfriend calls while he cums on her face and lets her know hes bringing weed home.

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Cute tiny teen goes to buy weed for her and her boyfriend to smoke later, but when she goes to pay for it she realizes the money is gone and assumes her boyfriend stole the money. after trying to call her boyfriend and him not picking up, her dealer starts to make a deal, where if she sucks his dick she can have the weed. She pulls out his dick and starts sucking him off while he rolls a blunt and smokes it. After being choked and smacked with his huge cock, her boyfriend finally calls her back and tells her he took the money to buy them weed and is on his way home, just as the dealer finally cums, partially on her face, then finishes in her mouth. She tells him she got some too as she wipes the cum from her face with a towel. The scene then ends with her rolling a blunt next to her boyfriend and the camera pans to the girl who still has a little bit of cum on her face. Fin.

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