Secretary indulges boss's wet clothes fantasy to keep her job

wetlookbg • Jun 07, 2018

Secretary comes to boss's home to beg to keep her job. She gets in the shower for him in her tight office clothes and lets him touch. She blows him as the water pours over her then fucks him on the bathroom floor in her wet clothes.

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Cast: 1 girl, mid twenties, curvy figure.

1: Shot of front door of apartment from inside. I open it to find my secretary standing there. She's got her hair up and is still in her work clothes - fitted blouse, short black skirt and stockings. She immediately starts to apologise for the mistakes she's been making and her bad time keeping. She begs me not to fire her - what can she do? She knows that my wife is away, can she come in? I beckon her in.

2: Sitting on the sofa. She is sitting next to me. She is still asking that I don't fire her. She starts to run her hands over my thighs as she pleads and leans in to kiss me. She takes my hand and puts it on her breast through her blouse. Then she puts it down between her legs and starts to moan with pleasure as I touch her pussy. As I'm doing this she whispers in my ear that she knows what my fantasy is. She saw some websites I've been looking at on my computer when I was out of the office. If I come with her to the bathroom she'll make my dream come true.

3: In the bathroom standing in front of the shower. She starts the shower running. Then as I watch she starts to wet herself in the water, starting with her stockings and then getting herself completely wet.

4: Reposition to be virtually in the shower with her. She's soaking wet now and lets her hair down. She's not wearing a bra so I can see her tits through her clinging wet blouse. She tells me to feel her and I caress her nipples through the wet fabric. She turns round and shows me her wet shiny ass in the short skirt and I feel that too.

5: Reposition to look down at her as she kneels. As the water pours over her, wetting her hair now, she takes my cock out and sucks it.

6: Reposition to cowgirl view on the bathroom floor. She takes my clothes off and hitches up her skirt. She rides me in her soaking wet clothes. I reach up and undo her blouse so I can play with her tits. She shoves her still wet tits in my face.

7: Reposition back to looking into the shower down at her on her knees. She jerks me off over her wet body, she's still wearing her skirt.

8: Reposition to look straight ahead. She turns the shower back on and washes my cum off her. She puts her blouse back on under the water and enjoys showing me how it clings to her and goes see through. She says she assumes she can keep her job...

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