Spartacuz001 • May 27, 2018

Quad pornstars stripping and teasing then starts fucking till they gather for the money shot together. Make a compilation of it with different pornstars but same sequence.

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Sequence is with different group of pormstars then follow by the next!
Strip tease, dancing-> playing with tits and puss-> blowjob->tit fuck->the compulsory AOP(u know, act of porn) moves -> finisher: every gurl gets facial -> another finisher by another group with different cumshots (facial,tits,ass,puss) and the last but not least every face is stacked or grouped together for 4 rounds of cumshot by the group's partner(4girl-1guy, e.g..4girl-guy1->4girl-guy2->4girl-guy3 to pop etc etc) like a bukake.
Make sure them babes have decent ASS, BOOBS AND FACE!

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