Batman Parody - Harley Captures A Cat and A Bat

jdog2006 • May 24, 2018

On one of her robberies, Harley Quinn manages to capture both Batman and Catwoman. She takes them back to her hideout where she forces the two into a threesome.

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This idea parodies the DC Batman universe by using the following characters: Batman, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman. The perspective of the VR scene will be from Batman's perspective. The story behind this scene is that in one of her solo outings, Harley Quinn has managed to trap not only Catwoman, but Batman as well. Through some "playful domination", Harley is able to force both Catwoman and Batman into a threesome. Catwoman will be a little resistant at first, but will end up being a more-than willing participant. Batman will would have his hands tied to the armrests of a chair (though this could be a temporary thing).

Pictured below are just some key scenes that can happen in the scenario. The first one being that Harley forces Catwoman into giving Batman a blowjob. The whole while, Harley will be both teasing Catwoman for sucking so eagerly on the bat's cock, along with teasing of Batman enjoying having his member sucked off from the cat. It could be during this scene where Catwoman is somewhat resistant, but by the end, she is eagerly sucking off the Bat. During this time, Harley could lean in for some kisses with Batman as well.

The next key scene pictured is that of Catwoman riding Batman's shaft in a slightly altered doggy style/frog sex position. Catwoman can eventually lean back against Batman into more of a lap-dance style position.

The third scene pictured features Harley riding Batman in a cowgirl style sex position. It should be noted that during each of the different positions, play between Harley and Catwoman is certainly encouraged. This could include fondling, kissing, fingering, etc. It could also include them fondling, kissing, licking with Batman as well. Sex positions also don't need to be just limited to the ones shown here. Any modification/additions are certainly welcome and encouraged.

The final key scene is one of a double-blowjob/titjob from both Harley and Catwoman. By this time, all three are very willing participants in the threesome. I have this scene to be thought of as the final scene in the scenario. It provides a bit of "cleaning" for the cock.

The setting for this whole scenario is to be Harley's lair. It could resemble something of an interrogation room, or a basement. It's not something that needs to look really flashy by any means. Again, the whole plot is that she has kidnapped them and taken them back to her warehouse/lair.

As for the characters themselves, the Harley I see being used here would be modeled off of the Suicide Squad incarnation. Catwoman could be modeled off of the Arkham games (though it is completely understandable if the costumes have to be different). I will also note that the costumes used in the images (which I created with Source Film Maker) are not necessarily reflective of the costumes mentioned above due to model limitations. Also in regards to the costumes, I think it beneficial for the characters (specifically Harley and Catwoman) to wear portions of their costumes throughout as much of the video as possible. I think it adds to the effect by keeping as much of the character in tact while throughout the course of the various sex acts to add to the immersion.

In terms of studios, I certainly have no preference as to which one takes this idea and runs with it. I'd be very happy to have anyone pick this up.

For actors/actresses, the actor that is the stand-in (sit-it) for Batman would need to be fit, and preferably have a hairless chest. For the role of Harley Quinn, the actress I would choose would be Kali Rose. The actress I'd choose for Catwoman would be Vienna Black. Of course I'd understand if the mentioned actresses would be unavailable.

Thank you so much for consideration!

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