VR Magical/Scifi tech Gender Swap Experience Male to Female Pov

jd00001 • May 04, 2018 • 1 Comment

VR Gender Swap Experience, Magical/Scifi tech Gender Swap of the male pov character to a female pov character, by a girlfriend or significant other seeking revenge. Pov character is first restrained, then transformed, then teased and then pleased to orgasm.

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VR Gender Swap Experience of the POV main character. A female domme, wife or girlfriend seeking revenge against her cheating mate. She captures the POV character and he wakes up in restraints. She uses 'magic' or 'sci-fi tech' to miraculously change the POV character from male to female. She teases the main character; plays with 'her' nipples, sticks fingers in 'her' wet pussy, french kisses "her". Talks about how small and weak 'she' is, and how slippery and wet 'she's' becoming, and how she is going to have her way with 'her'. Some internal voice-over narration in the girl POV's voice, of what is happening to her, and what sensations she feels, and about how 'She's' turned on and how excited 'she' is becoming. Follow up the initial gender swap and teasing with very intimate lesbian pov foreplay and proceeding to lesbian pov strap-on and dildo sex in at least raised sitting missionary position and maybe standing missionary, and try female pov cowgirl, with the pov character being fully into it by her orgasm. This stuff practically writes itself, and no special effects are needed, a simple eye blink fade from male pov to female pov is sufficent; just a little imagination and a female body. Does this seriously not exist yet?

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In my opinion all female POV in VR are boring - girl is in lying position and guy fucks her like a piece of furniture... I would prefer other girl's positions, more active ones, like cowgirl. Here's a video example of what I mean: http://www.xvideos.com/video17956537/from_her_point_of_view_-_female_perspective Refer to this timings in video: 4:08, 6:58, 9:15, 10:32, 12:26
upstream99 (05.05.2018)