Threesome for couples with Vanessa Decker

mr78jones • May 23, 2018

Couple relaxing on a couch. Postal girl comes in, makes sexual compliments to the main actress and takes care for her. Main actress orders the actor who was watching the both, to fuck the postal girl.

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Important is that the male character does not touch the main actress (POV) to not insult the (real) woman. The idea is, that the real woman is lying on her back and can feel the fantasy, that her man is fucking another woman while this woman takes care of her. The male actor will look different as the real boyfriend thus he must not touch the main actress (POV).The girls should have natural breasts and there should be as less tattoos as possible.There should be no changing of Postition to not interrupt the scene.
Favorit Studio: czechvr
Plot:The main actress (normal body) is lying on her back on the couch in the living room. There are large windows on the left side. Two glasses of wine on the table and the actor (normal body, not too much muscles, handsome ;) is talking about a situation when the main actress was flirting with a sales girl. He thought the main actress wanted to get fucked by her. While he is talking, you can see a woman (Vanessa Decker would be perfect) in a postal uniform outside in the garden. He goes to the terrace door and calls her in. She delivers a package to the main actress and starts to give her a lot of sexual compliments immediately. The actor says, he has the same feeling as he had with the sales girl from the story he just told. He answers to the fictive question of the main actress and tells her, that he don’t mind if the girls had some fun. The postal girl starts to take care of the main actress while the actor is watching. She is with her face between the legs of the main actress, licking, fingering, playing with her boobs, maybe some kissing. He can’t resist and is playing with his dick through his trousers while watching the two girls. At one point he answers to the fictive order of the main actress to take care of the postal girl. He accepts and goes behind the postal girls back, undressing her pants, licking, fucking. The actor should tell the main actress what he is feeling, how wet the pussy of the postal girl is and how it feels to fuck her. The postal girl should do the same about the pussy of the main actress and how it feels to get fucked by the actor.After the postal girl had an orgasm she reacts to a fictive order of the main actress and answers that she would like it to get the load of the actor on her back.After a short cool down, the postal girl gets a signature for the package and leaves. The couple drink some wine and agree that this was hot and they have to do it again ;)

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