MSE (Miku Solo Experience) or Sexy Choreographed Dance Video

abcrebel • May 17, 2018

Looking to see either a sexy choreographed dance in VR, a playful Miku look-a-like solo experience, or a combination of both aspects. Generally anyone with dance talent (not the typical striptease) or anyone open to learning a Miku dance routine, or anyone cheerfully engaging a one-on-one solo experience will do. The bar has been set really low so that all studios can make something happen with minimum effort.

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Studio pick breakdown:

StacyQVR - They have the best minimalist, open spaced locations to shoot the perfect choreographed dance. They already do solo stripteases so this type of special release would be a welcome gift. The model from StasyQ 206 or its top-rated VR counterpart "Stasy Strips Off Her Very Short Dress" could work. For the hair, instead of black and red as in "Exotic Babe with Fit Body Strips..." it could be black and darkish blue. Doing a dance choreography video could pivot StacyQVR into experimenting with what they're already good at ... moving cinematography but in VR. Rather than just a straight vr shot, multiple shots from different angles and special vr editing are encouraged. Think a mix of still and slow in/out, top/bottom, side-to-side camera movements. Imagine a model improvising her dance talent to the original music of StacyQ but with the same quality as their 2D videos!

StripzVR - They too have ideal locations and in my opinion the greatest lighting. Something with flashing lights from best-seller "Disco Bitch - Petite Babe Public Nude Dancing" would add to the experience for sure. This studio already has a great mix of upbeat music tracks that any StripzVR'er can do a nice little choreographed dance to. Don't forget the blue hair or minimum blue hair-piece and matching blue sexy attire. Moving camera optional.

SinsVR - Same as the two above, this is another solo site that could make it work. Sybil from "Sybil In Tease" would be a good pick dancing to music from "Rachel Evans in Flashing." This is a bare-minimum example.

BaDoinkVR - They have already demonstrated the potential of a wonderful Miku Solo Experience (MSE) as seen in the cinematic/music intro of "Rhythm and Cooze." Watching partially blue-haired Miku blowing bubbles and being playful would be closer to the MSE I'm looking for.
While the previous three studios are forgiven of tattoos and hard to find Miku look-a-likes, this studio and the next two are forgiven for their hardcore needed element just so a release can happen. BUT the first entire half of the video MUST be MSE only (no male actor in scene).
MSE elements such as natural dancing, blowing bubbles, being playful, jolly body language, constant smiling, and eye-contact are crucial. The scene can start like a music video which then turns into one-on-one silent time to then mild hardcore action.

VRCosplayX - This is their niche. Same as above, though no dark or enclosed spaces. Outdoors or open lit, spacious indoors would be more suitable. Also no straight-up bright blue wigs. "Overwatch XXX Parody" is a good example of black and slightly dark blue.

VR Latina - Lola Lolita and Melissa Milano from top-favorited videos "Workout Wind Down - Latina Babe in POV" and "Mouthwatering Melissa" are good candidates that, more than any above, could pull off a Miku look-a-like and accurate Miku dance. Maybe blue lock extensions with a flower in hair would suffice. An under-the-hut performance extending to outside in the grass as in "Pool Porn Party" would make for a great MSE. Utilize that already existing moving camera. "Follow the Leader" ft. Jennifer Lopez (latina) is a good example of what a VR Latina Miku dance video could look like.

JVRPorn - Megumi Shino from bestseller "Be Her Pet, You Will See More - Solo Asian JAV" is my All-Star Miku pick! She already has the high-vibe personality match, she speaks Japanese like Miku, and her solo video is already the perfect example of what a great MSE would look like. In her case, dancing is not necessary although any kind of dance she does would be perfect in itself. Also a random blue wig would probably detract from the experience if not done right, so a blue flower and blue outfit would easily do the trick. Another solo video of her but with different shots and angles would be Above All! Again, if nothing else, another solo release of her would be fantastic!

Search SLR for all listed video examples. Other media examples are below.

The lovely Miku Hatsune 180 sbs, 360 cube (VRDesktop) - (Recent release for the Miku fans)

"Follow The Leader" Miku VR 180 sbs, 360 cube (VRDesktop) - (Example of choreographed Miku dance in VR)

Sexy "Follow the Leader" Dance Choreography - (Imagine her performing in VR)

Blue wig No-No - (Just don't … too cosplay)

Possible VR Camera Movement -

Because of copyright concerns, use own songs and actresses' own dance talent if applicable. If dance focused, scene should start fully outfitted for 4 min, panties/bra only for 4 min, and nude 4 min. Either cinematic cuts and transitions or real-time stripping of clothes; whichever works.

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