A little corner of a giant orgy

bluevanity • May 16, 2018

VR rig is pointed at a corner of a room, with a few people having sex and a bunch of people in the periphery (including the POV) character watching. Audio, and occasional glimpses of stuff going on in the edges of the (180° or 270°) video creates the impression that this is just one little corner of a huge orgy.

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One main couple or trio is probably the focus of the scene, with one or two more groups in the background. (Perhaps the groups break up and reform over the course of the scene, or new people join as others leave.) There are a bunch of people around them (but not in the way of the camera :-) ) watching and commenting and maybe masturbating sometimes and chatting among themselves ("Oh, God, that’s hot!", "Wow, I don't know if I'd be flexible enough to do that!", "I bet you think she's hot with those perky little tits!" --"Yeah, but I love your big ones too, babe [playful squeeze].", and so on) Audio and the occasional person or body part passing into view creates the impression that what we're seeing is only part of what's going on even just in this room (and maybe the spectators could occasionally react to it, too), and additional audio in the distance (which could be dubbed after the fact) creates the impression that the room (or this corner of the giant warehouse, or whatever) is just a tiny part of a huge crowded orgy.

Some random ideas for background stuff: Sound of man coming, followed by female voice saying "Wow, that was a huge load! ["Well, of course! It's been three hours since the last time I got off!"] Stay right here, I'm going to clean up," and then she crosses in front of the camera with cum on her tits.

Giant screaming orgasm way off in the distance, followed by distant cheering and applause.

"Wow, that was intense! Can I get you a glass of water?"

"Can somebody hand me my vibrator? It’s on the table over there."

"Your boyfriend's a very lucky man!" --"What? Oh, this isn't my boyfriend, he just offered to fuck me. My boyfriend's Jim over there balls deep in that woman with the tattoo. Wave hello, Jim!"

Some ideas for the on-screen focal sex:

* Besides commenting (and having unrelated but hopefully hot side conversations) the spectators could make suggestions. Or the performers could ask questions. ("Is this a good view? [Shifts position.] How about this?" or "What do you think, is it time for Jerry to fuck me? Are you ready to watch us fuck?" That kind of dialogue could serve as an excuse/explanation for camera-friendly positions. They could also invite spectators to join in: "Hey, I've got a cock in my pussy and a cock in my ass. I see four hard cocks right here, any chance I can get one of them in my mouth? Oooh, great! Oh, no, you come back here; even with my mouth full I'll still have a hand free..." "Oh, you look like you're about to come; wanna come here and squirt all over my tits?")

Bonuses that would be nice:

* Attention to what's going on and when in the foreground action and the background, such that most of the time there's some actual penetration (or something comparably hot) visible.

* Depiction of actual concern for consent. Bonus points if people say "no" occasionally and that's fine. (If this was done in the off-screen audio it could be done without interfering with the flow of the visible action. Examples: "Would you like to fuck?" "Thanks, but I save that for my boyfriend. I'd love to suck your beautiful cock, though!", or "Wow, your boobs are amazing! Can I touch them?" "Um, that'd be fine if you want to, but I should tell you I'm not really into women, so that's about all I'd want to do.")

Stuff plenty of the audience might be fine with but would ruin the video for me personally:

* A2M and A2V

* Degradation/humiliation play unless it's very clearly set up as consensual and negotiated

* Racial fetishization -- I don't want a segregated monoracial cast, but I don't want the performers treated as if their race is the point of their existence

* Any hint of homophobia or transphobia. (For bonus points, there might be audio in the background suggesting that there are guys going at it somewhere, e.g. "Wow, this is so hot to watch, but I have to go! My boyfriend promised I could watch him suck Raul's cock in the Blue Room tonight and I just saw Raul headed that way.")

And stuff I particularly like:

* Reverse cowgirl

* Vaginal fisting

* Vaginas held open

* Tit fucking

* Short hair on women (especially buzzed very short)

* A variety of body types in the same scene (so the performers don't really look alike)

* Smiling and laughter (especially if it seems genuine)

* Good lighting

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