Zoe's Speeding Ticket Spanking

wildbill72 • May 14, 2018

Zoe Doll gets a speeding ticket she tries to hide from her boyfriend. When he learns the truth, Zoe ends up across his knees for a good old fashioned spanking... and of course a little make-up sex.

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From the POV of the boyfriend - upscale home in the dining room / living room... Boyfriend is just home from work (polo / khakis) and discovers a speeding ticket Zoe was trying to hide. When Zoe comes home from the gym shortly after, dressed in yoga pants / workout top, he confronts her and she gives him a sassy attitude of indifference. Upset that the ticket (not her first) will now greatly increase their insurance rates and offended that she was trying to hide it / combined with the attitude - he pulls out a dining table chair, takes a seat, and deftly pulls Zoe over his knees. Starting out spanking her by hand over her yoga pants - we get a true POV of what it would look like to have Zoe across your lap and at your mercy. The spanking intensifies as Zoe tries to remain sassy and evolves to spanking her bare ass before she is repentant. I do NOT envision an S&M style spanking with violent spanking or real marks - but certainly would enjoy seeing a nice series of moderate swats in rapid succession that turns those cheeks pink. Following the spanking, Zoe realizes how she might begin to make it up to her boyfriend for being so naughty - as she see that the spanking has left him with a raging hard-on in those khakis. Moving to the living room rug, dispensing with all their clothing, boyfriend on his back - they enjoy oral, first as a POV blow-job and then moving into the male POV on a 69 (pussy closeup and another chance to show off those pink cheeks!). After oral, Zoe rides on top for a while before finishing with doggy-style and a cum-shot on her ass.

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