Patient's pleasure

blitz543 • May 13, 2018

You've been involved in an accident and your pulse is low. You are nearly unconscious. Luckily the paramedic has arrived and knows just how to get your pulse racing.

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Actress: Abella Danger
How she is supposed to look: Dressed as a paramedic
Environment: Wherever

Storyline: You are on the floor looking up. You've had an accident, but luckily the paramedic has arrived. She checks your pulse and notices it is very weak. She knows she needs to get it racing. She remarks that what she is about to do may seem weird, but it will save your life.

The first thing she does is stand over you and rub her clit in your face. This gets you hard and so she starts riding you. Sex happens. When it's all said and done, she checks your pulse and sees that it is high. No chance of you slipping unconscious now!

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