Police Traffic Stop - Female POV

bardus • May 09, 2018

A woman (POV) in the car, making speed and police stop her. Officer writes her a fine but she try to stop him with her sexiness.

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POV actress drives a car we can see the seen as POV. We can see around 180 degrees, our hands, legs, mini skirt and breasts. After that we hear a siren then "pull over". We stop A police officer comes to our window. And talks about giving fine. We try to stop him. We get out the car and try to seduce him. He settles down and kiss us. We go down, open his pants and lick him. After we sit on the front seat and he takes care of us there. He fucks us very close up shot. Change the position on woman on top and after doggy style. After again missionary and cum inside then finish. After that we drive our way.

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