Dream vacation GFE with Kennedy Leigh

kazoozak • May 09, 2018

Wake up next to your girl Kennedy Leigh on her island dream vacation where she is determined to keep you in bed all day.

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The viewer finally taking Kennedy Leigh on her dream vacation to a beach villa or Mediterranean island, she gets excited to celebrate when they wake up in bed the first morning to the sounds of the sea. They fell asleep in their beachwear.

After a 'good morning baby' she is forward and knows exactly what she wants, and tells him she needs it. Her attitude, while horny, is smiles and enjoyment rather than lust and tension. Light kisses lead to her exploring below the waist, licking the shaft and a slow bj. After some time, she mentions it is her turn to get some attention and either swings around for 69 or climbs up on his face for some oral of her own. She has to pull the bikini or panty to the side for the viewer to do his work.

After she gets warmed up, Kennedy mentions its time for what she really wants. She climbs off and turns away, pulling the tie out of the back of her top and removing it then slowly sliding the bottoms off to give a show. She turns back around and gives a little more attention to his dick but can't wait any longer and climbs on top.

She slowly lowers herself cowgirl
with her hands on his chest onto his cock closing her eyes in the process. Once fully settled she opens her eyes and begins up and down with initial eye contact. Pace and position varies throughout this part, with some more intimate close up kissing or ear bites/lick (ASMR microphone would be perfect) like

After this she moves to reverse positions like
. Kennedy then mentions she wants it from behind as she has done all the work so far and then they switch positions with a fade out/cut to her on the edge of the bed hands and knees with him standing behind her where she once again tells him to give it to her. Through this position they start like this
with her pushing back into him and controlling the pace while looking back at him. After a short period she lowers to her elbows and he begins doing the work.

After some more intense doggy they flips over onto her back to a standing missionary with her legs open. This is the final position and ends with her either finishing him orally or where she asks for it on her face/stomach.

Scene ends with her saying she's not done with him and he better be ready for round 2 later.

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