The amazon's prisoner

elglingo • May 08, 2018

You are captured by a group of Amazons in search of breeding males. The queen of amazons has chosen you to satiate his thirst for sex and get impregnated. Here you are in her room, naked and tied, at her disposal

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(english is not my native language, be tolerant, please :) )

180°, male POV

Intro (optional): You are in a cage. The queen amazon comes in and approaches. She’s wearing
a leather bikini She looks at you for a long time, then says: "Well, I must admit, you're a really nice specimen. You're lucky, you're gonna be my personal fecondator, it's an honor for the weak man that you are. You're better not desapoint me ."

Section 1: You are on a bed, arms tied along the body. Impossible to move. The queen amazon comes in. She caresses your chest, pinch your nipples and grabs vigorously your sex : "Your cock is mine, I can do what I want. I'm going to make your dick so hard that you will be in pain. And then I will ride you until you explode. I want all your cum inside me. '"

She sucks you and masturbates you, alternating softness and brutality.

Your dick is really hard now. She takes off her bikini and starts riding you wildly.
She go cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, grinds on you, stops sometime to tease and suck your dick.
She is more and more excited, more and more aggressive. She places her hand on your throat and says: "do not come yet, don’t you dare come yet, your dick is so good i think i'm gonna have the best orgasm of my life".
She starts screaming, her body shakes. 'Ho my god that was huge! Look at what you’ve done to me’
She place her pussy in front of your face and open it as wide as she can : ‘taste this royal juice’ : Cunnilingus

"I want you to make me come again, doggystyle. Will you be wise if I detach you ?"

Section 2: you fuck her doggy style. The roles are reversed, she lets herself dominate and asks you to go all out. Slap her butt, pull her air. She comes again.

Section 3: She is sitting on the edge of the bed, facing you.
"I want you to fuck me as deep as you can and fill me like never".
You penetrate her as hard as you can, grab her boobs, hold her neck, put your fingers on her mouth.
Comes the moment when she takes back control and moves her pelvis as fast as she can to make you cum. You can’t resist and come deep inside her.
She is so satisfied that she fainted with happiness. You take the opportunity to escape.

The actress must really represent the idea of an amazon : athletic and dominant. With a lot of vigor. A real mistress behavior.

My first choice for the role would be Brandi love, and after her : Kendra Lust, Diamond Jackson, Nicole Aniston, Rachel Starr, Romi Rain, Rachel Evans, athina love, Savana Styles, Mercedes Carrera

Her attitude in section 1 and 3 must be very dominant, very aggressive. A lot of tease and dirty talk.

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